Friday, December 4, 2015

Advantages of Working on the Cloud

A funny trend I saw on Google Trends is that desktop search is becoming obsolete. Windows 8 almost didn't have a desktop search because the search is quite slow. Sure with a good fast computer that you work only on it is very important to have a good desktop search software to find the files you need to work fast at the office.

Now we work on the office when we are on the plane, taxi, waiting for something, on the tablet, mobile phone, home computer, office computer and much more. The desktop is probably becoming almost obsolete.

Now we work on the cloud. Most of the times it's free, we can upgrade for a small cost if we want and the best of all is we can work anywhere on it and share the files with people who work with us at the office, on the same file in real time. It's lovely, you have a team around the world and everyone is working on the same file at the same time. Something that was impossible just a few years ago.

That's what the cloud is all about.

Fast, easy, everyone working on the same file at the same time. No more emailing, no more out of date versions.

Working on the cloud only has the advantage of leaving the computer much faster and lighter. Usually there's nothing to install on your machine. Since all the work is done on the servers, all you need is to log and then you are working immediately. No more software to install, no more updates, no more waiting for the computer to boot. Actually if you work on the cloud only and the PC crashes or stops working, it's easy to format and have everything again about an hour later.

Another advantage for small or medium sized companies is being able to buy low cost computers. Even a Celeron can work fast because the CPU does not have to work very hard to get the work done on the cloud. Simply amazing.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Choosing A Good Computer For Gaming

What’s a good computer for gaming? Depends a lot on what kind of games you want to play. Either if it’s a new computer you want to buy or using your already aged computer that needs an upgrade, there are many hardware parts you need to consider to have the best gaming experience. Today games have the best graphics thanks to advanced gaming engines. A powerful computer will bring the best of those all new games.

1- CPU

The CPU is the core of your computer. The faster the CPU is, the faster the computer will be overall. For serious gaming you can either buy an i7 CPU or the AMD FX 8 Core processor. For casual gamers not looking to push the graphics to the limit, i5 or FX 6 Core is enough too. That depends on your budget.

2- RAM

More RAM is always better but only up to a point. For office work for example, 6 GB of RAM might be enough depending on how many applications you have open at the same time. For gaming to the graphic limit 8 GB is RAM might not be enough, depending on the game, and 16 of RAM is great even for the latest games. Size is not all, speed is also important. DDR3 orr DDR4 are the best choices for great graphics..

3- Hard Disk

Is the hard disk important for gaming? Sure and not only the size but also the speed. When loading a big game, the speed is important because the loading takes less time. The faster the hard disk can send the game to the RAM and to the CPU, the faster the gaming experience will be. I don’t like waiting too much for a game to load. Do you?

4- Graphic Card

The most important hardware for gaming. The faster the graphic card is, the better the games will be without graphic lag. When playing only and you want to win, if the graphic card is not super fast, the game will be slow to show on the screen, the FPS count will be lower and the greta graphics the game could have


You might want to consider to have a balanced combination of all these hardware parts. A computer with a fast CPU but a slow graphic card will not run the best games at the highest resolutions. The same is true for a top graphic card with a slower CPU. Having a balanced system configuration is in my opinion the best choice.
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

How To Make The Most Of Google Drive

Google Drive is in my opinion the best place to work. Going Google like they call it it's a brilliant idea for an office in my opinion.

I love Google Drive. Here's how I make the most of it:

1. Your most important files can have a link from your desktop.

I work on all my blogs using the laptop I love. The most important drive files have a link from the desktop so I don't waste time. I just click and the file opens. This way you waste no time inside the drive when you need to get work done. It's fast and simple.

2. Use Drive on the web primarly. 

This way you learn and focus on using the cloud. I think the cloud is here to stayy. It's more powerful than the desktop for office work in speed, security and reability. I simply love to use the Google Drive to work. All my work on all devices. Who could imagine that something like this would be possible one day?

3. Always use a strong password with the mobile phone code security.

This way it's very hard for someone without the mobile and the password to access it. Since probably all your office work is there, you want to keep it secure. Follow Google's advice and check your account security every time. Make sure everything is working fine, just like you would check your desktop machine.

4. Avoid distractions. 

Sure you want to store all your files on the drive but make sure you place the non important files on a folder and not on the "desktop" or main page so you can focus on work. Drive is for office work for me, for you it might also be the place where you store your memories with friends on a restaurant. It's fine too but do not have files on the main page distracting from the office work.

5. Remember to make a backup from time to time.

Sure Drive is safe according to Google but sometimes a little backup is needed just in case you need something and the drive is down. I never saw the drive down but it can happen even with Google's know how working hard on it to make sure everything is always working fine.

6. Rely on search

Search on Drive is great it's as fast as making a Google on the search engine. Make sure the files have the right name so you can find them when you need them the most. I think Google also indexes the content but if you don't know the file name it will be hard to know when the right file appeared.

I think Google Drive is one of the best applications on the web. Simply amazing Google :)

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